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We provide a wide variety of dental services to care for all of your family’s needs in one location:

Preventive dentistry is the key to good oral hygiene and a cavity free mouth. Our office provides preventive hygiene services including dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, periodontal… READ MORE

We recommend children come in for their first dental visit when their first few teeth come in. Bringing children into our office between one and two years of age allows them to get comfortable in the environment… READ MORE

Custom fit mouth guards provide the best protection for children and adults alike when participating in any kind of contact sport or recreational activity. Mouth guards reduce the risk of broken or lost teeth…READ MORE

Temporomandibular Joint pain or Temporomandibular Dysfunction can be caused by several factors usually acting together producing symptoms. Treatment may involve other health practitioners such as a…READ MORE

In many people the airway become smaller in diameter overnight. This constriction causes people to breathe faster in order to get the amount of air they need. The vibration of tissue as this fast… READ MORE

At Margolian Dentistry we offer a variety of sedation options to best suit your needs. Conscious sedation will allow you to feel more relaxed and sedated during dental procedures without the risks of…READ MORE

Root canal therapy is performed to save infected, damaged and dead teeth. Every tooth contains a nerve in its core that extends up from the root carrying vital nutrients to the tooth and transmitting…READ MORE

Only when necessary, such as when a tooth is completely beyond repair, a tooth may be extracted and replaced with options such as dentures or implants…READ MORE

At Margolian Dentistry we believe in disease prevention when it comes to your oral health. This is why we offer the use of the VELscope oral cancer screening technology. The small handheld device works by…READ MORE


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