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Botox Isn't Just for Wrinkles Anymore!

There are several different options to correct a gummy smile depending on your individual needs. In some cases, there is excessive gums and aesthetic crown lengthening to expose more of your natural tooth will correct the gummy smile and improve the aesthetics of the teeth. However, if there is not excessive gum tissue and the teeth are already ideal in shape and size, the gummy smile can be addressed using Botox treatment to reduce hypermobility of the lip.

Relaxing the muscles creates a natural balanced smile that exposes less gum tissue. Botox is also effective in treating lip inversions during smiling. This is where the upper lips become very thin and tucks under during smiling. The Botox Lip Flip works by relaxing the overactive muscles around the lip that control the inversion movement during smiling. This can often be done in conjunction with lip fillers to enhance the results. The effect of the Botox in these indications last approximately six months.

botox therapy patient

Don't Let a Gummy Smile Stop You From Your Smile's Potential

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