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At Margolian Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology and the most effective techniques available to make sure you and your family receive the highest quality dental care and your visits are as comfortable as possible.

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  • Digital Smile Design technology can show you your perfect smile
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  • Technology improves patients’ experience and outcomes.

The WaterLase® iPlus All-Tissue Laser can replace the traditional drill and provides many benefits and can be used in a variety of dental procedures… READ MORE

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) provides three-dimensional images to assist with planning and executing complicated dental procedures.  One of its most important surgical uses is for implant treatment planning… READ MORE

Our in office milling machine combines with all our other digital technology to provide you with the ultimate dental prosthetic experience. It is a machine that mills your crown, bridge or veneer out of a custom selected colour and material block all on site… READ MORE

Digital smile design allows patients to be involved in creating their new smile. At Margolian Dentistry we use extraoral and intraoral photography and 3D models of your mouth to… READ MORE

Goodbye goopy impression materials! Margolian Dentistry proudly uses one of the most advanced 3D oral scanners on the market to take a digital impression of our patients’ teeth and… READ MORE

At Margolian Dentistry we use digital x-rays as they are superior to the traditional film x-rays in many ways. Digital x-rays require significantly lower patient radiation exposure and are… READ MORE

At Margolian Dentistry we use over 16 times magnification microscopes during dental procedures. This enables us to see small details that could be missed and also ensures a more… READ MORE

During your visit, we use our high-resolution intraoral camera to take photos of your mouth and teeth. These images allow us to point out areas of concern that you are not able to see on… READ MORE

Zoom whitening is an in-office whitening technique with results far superior to any home whitening product. The whitening lasts significantly longer and can lighten teeth at least six… READ MORE


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