The WaterLase® iPlus All-Tissue Laser can replace the traditional drill and provides many benefits and can be used in a variety of dental procedures

Reduce your anxiety of seeing the dentist by trying our dental laser, which eliminates the need for local anesthetic in many dental procedures. Getting the needle for freezing is often the most feared part of dental treatment. With the laser we can avoid this for many fillings and provide fast and comfortable treatment.

The WaterLase® iPlus uses light laser technology to treat cavities pain free efficiently. It is also quieter without the typical “drilling” noises.

The laser can be used to reshape the gums when needed. A gummy smile can be corrected to produce a beautiful smile with no need for freezing!

The laser is unique in its ability to cut teeth, bone and soft tissue. This makes it an invaluable tool in all sorts of oral surgery procedures. Such as soft tissue lesions removal, tooth extractions, implant therapy and much more.

The laser can be used in root canal therapy to disinfect the nerve channel and provide a greater likelihood of long term success reinfection.


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