Why Choose a Single Tooth Dental Implant?

Lots of people are missing a single tooth, and if you are facing this prospect, it’s important to think about how best to replace it. Even losing just one tooth can affect your dental health, regardless of whether the gap is visible when you talk or smile. Anyone who loses a single tooth, and especially a front tooth will almost certainly want to restore it as soon as possible, and one of the most popular solutions is to have a dental implant in Whitby. A dental implant is often the treatment of choice over more traditional solutions like a dental bridge or one-tooth denture.

What Makes a Dental Implant Special?
There are several reasons why dental implants can be such a fantastic option, and the first is the way they are designed. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the tooth root and its protective effect on your jawbone.

How Can Dental Implants Protect Your Jawbone?
As you bite down on your natural teeth, the forces are transmitted through the tooth and into the tooth root, and out into the surrounding bone. Your jawbone is continually remodelling, but these forces ensure that old bone cells are replaced. Without the effect of these forces, these bone cells aren’t replaced, and instead, your jawbone gradually diminishes. When you lose a single tooth, this bone loss can have a destabilizing effect on the adjacent teeth. Because of the way an implant is designed, your jawbone is protected. A dental implant has a small screw that is surgically inserted into your jawbone, replacing your tooth root artificially and ensuring old bone cells are renewed as they die off. The protective effect of dental implants is even more remarkable when people have lost multiple teeth and when bone loss can be a real problem.

Protecting Your Natural Teeth
If you were to leave the space in your mouth then the teeth either side of the gap will gradually drift towards it, and this unwanted movement can affect your bite and the stability of these teeth, not to mention your appearance. Dental implants prevent this movement while protecting your bite. As you bite down, the forces are distributed more evenly, so it’s less likely your natural teeth will suffer from excessive wear and tear. Also, if you were to choose a dental bridge in Ajax, it’s necessary to grind down those teeth immediately adjacent to the gap. The teeth are crowned, and the crowns are attached to a false tooth. It’s a great system in some circumstances, and especially if the adjacent teeth could benefit from dental crowns. Otherwise, it could mean the dentist is grinding down healthy teeth, and it’s never desirable to lose healthy tooth structure.

Looking Just like Your Real Teeth
Of course, one of the most important reasons why most people would choose dental implants is simply the way they look! A well-designed dental implant can look stunningly natural, and it’s may even look better than the tooth it replaced. Certainly, here at Margolian Dentistry, our skilled dentists work hard to design dental implant teeth that look fantastic and which replicate the contours of real teeth, emerging from the gums as if they have always been there.

Easy to Care for
Single dental implants in Oshawa are super easy to look after as you just need to make sure you brush them at least twice a day and floss around the implant once-a-day. Also, your regular checkups and hygiene appointments are crucial to maintaining healthy dental implants. It’s well worth looking after them, as with the proper care your dental implant tooth should give many years of trouble-free use, and hopefully, you’ll be enjoying it for life.

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