Same Day Crowns Offer the Ultimate in Convenience

Lots of people have at least one or two crowns or will require a dental crown in the near future. A crown is designed to provide excellent protection for a severely damaged tooth, covering up the entire structure, so none of the original tooth is visible in the mouth. Covering or capping the tooth preserves it, preventing further damage and infection and decay.

The Process for Having a Conventional Dental Crown in Oshawa
Usually, a crown is fabricated in the dental laboratory using a tray impression of your teeth and which must be cast into a plaster model. The model is used to custom-make the new crown and often two or more weeks are needed before it is ready to be returned to the dental office for fitting. This method works extremely well, but patients must have a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being fabricated. Although we can make sure temporary crowns look reasonably good, they aren’t going to be as attractive or hard-wearing as a proper crown. Also, a second appointment is required with us here at Margolin Dentistry. With today’s busy lifestyles we understand that can be hard to fit in sometimes.

In contrast, a same-day crown is ready to fit just a few hours after your tooth is prepared.

The Process for Having a Same-Day Crown
Regular patients will know that our dental office is fitted with the most up-to-date equipment and that includes the very latest digital technology. We aim always to provide you with the most comfortable and convenient experience when visiting us while ensuring you always receive the highest quality restorations. Initially, your tooth is prepared in exactly the same way as it would be for a traditional crown, using local anesthetic to ensure you cannot feel a thing.

Next, the process differs slightly. Instead of using a conventional tray impression, we use our iTero scanner to scan the tooth digitally. This is a far more comfortable procedure, and it provides us with a highly accurate 3-D digital model of your mouth. Once we have this digital model, our dentists use advanced software to design your dental crown. Because we can manipulate the digital model, we can make sure the design is aesthetically pleasing and will feel comfortable in the mouth, ensuring you can bite and chew food correctly.

When the design is completed, it is transmitted to our milling machine. This is a fabulous piece of equipment that creates your crown from a solid block of pure porcelain that is pre-shaded. The process doesn’t take too long to complete, and when the crown is ready, it is hand-finished and can be inserted in your mouth. If needed, we can make any minor adjustments before your crown is permanently cemented in place.

Is a Same-Day Crown as Good as a Conventional Crown?
A same-day crown in Whitby is every bit as good as a conventionally made crown. The porcelain used is strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, because we use digital technology to design and fabricate the crown, it is precision-fitting. This means that the margins of the crown will fit snugly over your tooth, helping to prevent any bacteria from getting inside the tooth. It is often harder to achieve this degree of precision with a conventional tray impression and a crown that isn’t digitally made.

Not Just for Crowns
We can use this technology to make beautiful crowns, as well is other restorations that include dental bridges and veneers. The entire process is much more convenient, and there is no need for that second visit. Instead, you can leave our dental office in Ajax with your beautiful new smile ready to show to the world.

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