Rejuvenate Your Smile with a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

How many times have you admired someone else’s beautifully white smile and wished yours could look that good? The chances are they have already had a professional teeth whitening treatment in Oshawa.

Why Do Teeth Discolour?

Over time, teeth can easily become discoloured and stained, often because of lifestyle choices, including smoking. If you love a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy a glass of good red wine, these all contain ingredients that can stain your teeth. Other culprits include berries and tomato-based foods. Teeth staining can also occur because of acid erosion.

When you are younger, your teeth are covered with a thicker layer of tooth enamel. This is opaque and masks the natural shade of your teeth in the dentin underneath. Each day, the bacteria in dental plaque create acid as they feed on leftover foods, and some foods are naturally acidic. These acids soften your tooth enamel, gradually eroding it over time, so it becomes thinner, exposing your natural tooth colour, which is darker. It’s the reason why older people can have teeth that look yellow or grey or even brown.

Why See a Dentist before Teeth Whitening?

When you see our dentist in Whitby, we can examine your teeth and make sure you are suitable for a whitening treatment. It’s important to see a dentist before using any whitening product because if you have signs of gum disease or untreated tooth decay, teeth whitening may be uncomfortable at best and may harm your teeth.

Another reason for seeing a dentist is that we can determine why your teeth have stained. Usually, it is because of lifestyle choices, creating surface stains that can be lifted during a professional teeth whitening treatment. However, sometimes, teeth are internally stained, perhaps because of an older root canal, and require a different whitening method. If you have crowns, veneers or a dental bridge, these won’t change colour during your treatment.

Safely Whitening Your Smile

A professional teeth whitening treatment here at Margolian Dentistry is by far the safest and most effective way to brighten your teeth quickly. Our Ajax dentist can use professional-strength whitening agents designed to lift even the toughest stains in your teeth. Our high-quality products reduce unwanted tooth sensitivity, and a single in-office treatment can produce dramatic results

Zoom Tooth Whitening

We use Philips Zoom tooth whitening during our in-office treatments, and you can expect to see your teeth brighten by between six and ten shades. During your treatment, we protect your lips and gums before applying the whitening gel to your teeth. A light activates the whitening gel, helping it penetrate your tooth enamel more quickly and effectively to lift deep-seated stains. We may remove and reapply the gel several times during your treatment. Afterwards, you will see a real difference, and most people will notice their teeth get even whiter during the next few days.

Custom Teeth Whitening Kits

Once you have a whiter and brighter smile, we are sure you will want to maintain it and the easiest way to do this is with a custom home whitening kit. We can make custom whitening trays that fit tightly over your teeth and supply whitening gel for use at home. Our dentist will discuss how frequently you can safely top up the results and show you how to use the trays. Some people choose to leave them in a short while each day while whitening, while others will wear them overnight.

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