Things to expect during dental implant procedures from Margolian Dentistry

Our smiles are very precious and at Margolian Dentistry we ensure forever sparkling smiles with the help of dental implant procedures. A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed to hold artificial teeth in your mouth. The time taken for implant procedures varies from person to person.

If you are planning to get the implant done from us, here are the things you could expect during the process.

Examination of the teeth:

Our aim is to suggest the most suitable implant option to our patients to attain their functional and aesthetic goals. We will initially examine the patients teeth and discuss the patients needs and expectations in order to select the most appropriate implant restoration.

Pre-implanting procedures:

Before the Implant, the following steps need to be performed:

  •  Removal: This step involves removing the diseased/damaged tooth.
  • Bone augmentation: The step includes determining if the patient will need a bone graft and performing this augmentation if necessary by using synthetic or donor bone.
  • Anesthesia: This step is performed just before the implant and involves giving the anesthetic to the patient.

Insertion of Implant:

After establishing that the patient has suitable healthy bone and gums, we perform the implant surgery. We provide multiple options to patients such as:

  • Teeth in a day: This process takes a day and aims to stabilize existing denture by attaching it to many dental implants.
  • Single teeth implant: This process is for the patients who are missing single teeth.
  • Implant bridges: This is performed to replace multiple missing teeth using bridges supported by implants.

For more information about our services or to get in touch with us, you can also email us at, or call us at (905) 436 2400.

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