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Dental Implant Options

Teeth In A Day

Teeth in a day: This process uses your existing denture and converts it into a permanent prosthesis by attaching it to dental implants. The denture clips on to the implants and becomes functional the same day.


Single Teeth Implants

Single teeth implants: For single tooth spaces, dental implants are the best solution to recreate the shape and contour of the missing tooth. With proper care they can last a lifetime.


Bridge Implants

Implant bridge: For multiple missing tooth spaces side by side, we can use implants joined or splinted together to serve the same function.


Denture Implants

Implant retained denture: Often full dentures have retention issues needing dental adhesives. Dentures that are retained by implants will make a tremendous improvement in your self-esteem and daily lifestyle.


Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation: Often when a tooth is missing for some time, there is gradual bone loss. We often need to increase the dimension of this area using synthetic or donor bone.


Please contact our office by email: or phone (905-436-2400) for a free implant consultation. All implant cases are performed from start to finish on site at our office by your team of Whitby dentists with extensive implant training.


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