Knowing a bit more about Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the single most popular cosmetic dental procedure on the planet, and thanks to modern dental technology, everyone can afford to have his or her teeth bleached professionally.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

Before you shell out the bucks for a teeth whitening kit, make an appointment with your dentist who can determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening altogether. People who have crowns, root canals and other dental restorative work will not see a difference when it comes to teeth whitening as tooth bleaching will only work on natural teeth. Your dentist may also recommend professional teeth whitening, which can last for quite some time as long as you avoid red wine, tobacco products, and any other food or liquid that has a tendency to dull your pearly whites. Professional tooth whitening, is not permanent, and may need to be retouched every few years.

Why to Consider Tooth Bleaching

Professional tooth bleaching requires two visits with your dentist. During your first tooth whitening appointment, your dentist will create molds of your teeth so that your clear, custom tooth whitening trays fit perfectly. After your trays are made, you will be checked for proper fit at your second dental appointment. Your dentist will give you a whitening solution that works with your tooth bleaching trays. Depending on the degree of staining on your teeth, you will either wear your trays thirty minutes twice a day, or overnight for about two weeks.

Tooth bleaching works best for patients who have stained or yellowed teeth, outer layer wear on teeth or stained teeth due to tetracycline, and other medications. If you were subjected to excessive fluoride when your teeth were developing you may have fluorosis that can be helped with professional tooth whitening.

To get professional Teeth Whitening you can contact us at Margolian dentistry through the website, or call us on 905-436-2400 for more information.

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