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Grinding or clenching teeth

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Bleeding, swollen or irritated gums

Headaches, earaches, or neck pain

Loose or shifting teeth

Jaw Joint Pain (clicking/cracking)

Bad breath or taste in the mouth

Broken Teeth or Fillings

nitrous oxide (laughing gas) oral medication

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Make your teeth brighter/whiter Repair chipped teeth

Make your teeth straighter Replace missing teeth

Close spaces Replace crowns

Replace fillings Have a smile makeover


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AIDS Diabetes

High Blood Pressure Rheumatic Fever

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Kidney Disease Stomach Problems

Artifical Joints Glaucoma

Liver Disease Stroke

Asthma Heart Conditions

Low Blood Pressure Thyroid Disease

Blood Disorders Heart Murmur

Pacemaker Tuberculosis

Cancer Heart Disease

Pregnant Ulcers

Chemotherapy Hepatitis A, B or C

Respiratory Problems Other

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Aspirin Codeine Penicillin

Sulpha Drugs Local Aesthetic Latex


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