Is Your Busy Lifestyle Affecting Your Oral Health?

When life gets busy or more complicated, looking after your general health or your oral health might not be the first thing on your mind. But maintaining healthy teeth and gums in Whitby is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. When you have a healthy mouth, it helps to protect your overall health.

Why You Should Care About Your Oral Health
If you neglect your oral hygiene, it can have a catastrophic effect on your dental and overall health. You are more likely to have cavities or to lose your teeth and to have bad breath, and you may develop gum disease. Over the past few years, gum disease has become linked to many different health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, dementia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Also, when you neglect your oral health you may become less confident about smiling and talking with others, which can harm personal and professional relationships.

Spending a Little Time at Home Can Save You A Lot Of Time in the Dental Chair
The good news is that a great oral hygiene routine should only take you a few minutes each day and could save you hours in the dental chair. Good oral hygiene is very straightforward with these easy tips.

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day
You must brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably just after you get up and just before you go to bed. Make sure you spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth using a timer on your phone or an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer. You need the full two minutes to clean all tooth surfaces thoroughly, and after all, it is only a couple of minutes!

Use the Right Toothbrush
Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles as these will clean your teeth adequately without damaging your teeth or gums. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush can wear away tooth enamel and can damage your gums. It’s up to you whether you choose an electric or manual toothbrush, as proper brushing is all down to using the right techniques. If you need a refresher in brushing your teeth properly or want some advice, be sure to ask us next time you visit our Oshawa dentist here at Margolian Dentistry.

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean and Replace It Regularly
After brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with water and place it upright to dry, making sure it can’t contact other people’s toothbrushes as this can transfer bacteria. Your toothbrush will only last about three months, so make sure you replace it regularly. Some toothbrushes have built-in wear indicators, but otherwise, keep an eye on the bristles and buy a new brush if the bristles look worn or splayed. Whatever you do, don’t share your toothbrush with others, as this is a great way to transfer harmful bacteria.

Floss Once-A-Day
Flossing is essential because your toothbrush cannot get right in between your teeth, where plaque and food debris become trapped. Use about 18 inches of dental floss, wrapping most of it around one of your middle fingers and the other end around your other middle finger. Use your index fingers and thumbs to slide the floss gently in between your teeth, wrapping it around each tooth to remove more plaque and food debris. If you aren’t sure about flossing, please ask us for help.

Regular dental visits are essential for preventing oral health problems in Ajax and ensure we can pick up any small issues and can treat them promptly, saving you time and money. Often, people who look after their teeth and gums will only need a checkup and clean every six months, a visit that will only take an hour or so.

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