When Should a Child First See a Family Dentist?

Babies can begin to get their very first teeth from six months onwards, and they need to see a good family dentist in Whitby by age one or two at the latest. Unfortunately, parents often think baby teeth aren’t important as, after all, they will fall out anyway.

Why Baby Teeth Matter
In fact, baby, milk or primary teeth are vital for your child’s oral health and development. They serve as guides or placeholders for adult teeth and are critical for enabling a young child to eat a proper nutritionally sound diet, and can you imagine learning to talk without teeth? What’s more, primary teeth remain in place for a large part of childhood because children don’t usually begin to get their permanent teeth until age six onwards. The last primary teeth aren’t replaced with adult teeth until age twelve.

Your child’s baby teeth deserve just as much care as adult teeth, and when a child receives good preventative dental care from an early age, it’s far more likely they will enjoy good dental health for life.

How Preventative Dentistry Can Help a Child
Here at Margolian Dentistry, we much prefer to prevent problems from occurring and especially when seeing young children. Even a very young child will benefit from a comprehensive dental exam. When we see a child for the first time, we will carefully assess their potential risk for developing dental problems. The information gained from gently examining your child’s mouth will determine how frequently they should see a dentist in the future. The idea is to prevent an anticipated problem before it even begins. Our dental team can provide a wealth of useful advice, including information on how to clean your child’s teeth and which toothbrush and toothpaste to use, and if needed we can offer dietary information. When you know the proper techniques and have all the information required to look after your child’s teeth, it’s much easier to prevent oral disease.

Tooth Decay in Young Children
One of the primary reasons for seeing a young child regularly for dental checkups is to try to prevent a form of tooth decay that is unfortunately prevalent in young kids. It is called Early Childhood Caries (ECC), and it’s a problem that affects infants and young children. Several factors can cause ECC, but often sugar is the most frequent reason for cavities in young children. Feeding a child on demand or sending them to bed with a sleep time bottle containing something sugary can cause tooth decay.

Another risk factor is providing a child with a sippy cup full of sweetened liquid or letting them use a sweetened pacifier. The longer a sugary liquid remains on a child’s teeth, the higher the risk of cavities.

Sometimes even something as innocuous as regularly using an oral medicine to treat chronic disease and which is quite sugary can damage young teeth. These are all factors that our dentist in Ajax will want to consider when seeing a young child because, with the proper dental care, cavities are preventable.

We are always extremely gentle when seeing children and our dental team are great at ensuring every visit is as fun and as enjoyable as possible. When they see a dentist regularly, children are far less likely to grow up without dental fears or phobias.

If it’s time for your child to see a dentist in Oshawa, then please contact Margolian Dentistry. We promise to treat them as if they are family.

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