When is the Right Time to Bring your Child to a Dentist?

Some may think that it’s just fine for babies to lose their teeth at a very young age as they would soon be replaced by a new one as they grow up. But that is not true.  According to research, children should be brought to the dentist by six months of age and it should not be later than the first birthday. The reason why is to prevent early tooth decay due to the babies’ habits such as sucking of the thumb as well as biting of their baby bottles. When a child’s tooth was decayed and lost at a very young age, the permanent teeth might drift into empty spaces in the future which can cause crooked teeth.

Looking for a Dentist in Whitby that would provide excellent care for your child? At Margolian Dentistry, they offer dental services particularly for your baby’s needs by providing treatments, prescriptions and tips that would  keep their teeth well-protected and last longer for a couple of years. Dr. Margolian is a Dentist in Whitby that offers several dental services like cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and dental implants.  Dr. Margolian has been well-known for taking care of every patient’s needs in terms of oral care.

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