The truth behind Dental Implants!

You don’t have to be scared or feel embarrassed if  you are facing issues with missing teeth, dental implants could be the perfect long-term solution for you!   There are a number of reasons that could lead to missing teeth, and whatever the cause, Dental Implants are an increasingly popular and affordable solution. A dental implant could be defined as an artificial tooth that is placed in the jawbone beneath the gum line after a surgery. An implant is extremely beneficial and far better than other methods like bridges. But, the question arises – can anyone get an implant and for those that are candidates, what are the types of implant is best? In this blog, we will discover the answers.

Necessities before an Implant:

If you are planning to get an implant done, then we must check and see if you possess healthy gums and adequate bone. If you have either too thin or too much soft bone, you might require a bone graft to complete the procedure. At Margolian Dentistry we are highly considerate about these necessities and will ensure taking the best step for a successful implant procedure.

Are there different types of Dental Implants?

Yes, there are a few different types of dental implants and we will help you select the one that is right for you.

Teeth in a day: This procedure as the name indicates is performed in a day and aims to convert your failing teeth to fixed, strong teeth.

Single Tooth Implanting: This is performed on a single tooth and does not disturb the teeth adjacent to the lost tooth.

Multiple Tooth Implants: This is practiced using implant supported bridges when multiple teeth are missing.

Implant Retained dentures: It is the cost-effective way where instead of an artificial implant, dentures are retained along implanting activity.

We at Margolian Dentistry can perform any of these dental Implants. Our team is experienced and has one of the best reputations in Durham region.

How does Dental Implant become budget friendly?

You will be able to acquire top quality implants from us within your budget. We cater to the needs of individuals. To book an appointment or if you have any questions you can email us at, or call us at (905) 436 2400.

So ensure healthy teeth and a sparkling smile with us, the professionals at Margolian Dentistry.  There’s nothing more important than your smile!


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