The Increasingly Popular Dental Implant!

Dental Implants are the most reliable method for restoring missing or damaged teeth. They are also the closest alternative to natural teeth!For the best results, you should visit a dental clinic that has years of experience with implants, such as the professionals at Margolian dentistry who have been able to attain superb results and recognized as a top clinic in Durham region.

Aim of a Dental Implant:

The primary purpose of the dental implant is to restore missing teeth in such a way that they fit, feel and work like natural teeth. Though there are many other options for managing missing teeth issues, most of them lead to weakening of jaw bone and might even interfere with the daily activities of life. If you want to get an implant done by a professional team, then you should contact Margolian dentistry at

Are Dental Implants a long-term solution?

Yes, dental implants are considered a long-term solution. When we compare dental implants with dental bridges, which typically last only 5-6 years, an implant can last a lifetime. At Margolian dentistry we provide multiple options such as single tooth implants, teeth in a day, implant bridges, Implant retained denture and Bone augmentation.

Dental implants are a more precise method amongst the available restoration methods and at Margolian dentistry our team has underwent extensive implant training. You can contact us anytime at our email address for a free consultation.

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