Success Stories

Success Stories


David was in a removable full upper denture and sick of removing them and have to use adhesives to hold them in. We replaced his full upper set of teeth with a permanent implant bridge. His remaining lower front teeth were crowned and dental implants placed in the back to replace missing lower back teeth. He is now enjoying all the foods he loves with a full set of permanent teeth.


Michael lost his front teeth from a fractured bridge. Two dental implants were placed and a permanent implant bridge was placed to restore him to a natural looking and feeling permanent smile.


James presented with a removable denture replacing his 3 lost front teeth. He was gagging and unable to chew comfortably in that denture. We restores his aesthetics and function with a permanent bridge.


Doug came in with his upper long span bridge broken off with all teeth below broken and rotten. He was in need of all remaining upper teeth to be removed and looking at the options of dentures or an implant bridge. He chose the most like natural replacement option of a permanent implant supported bridge. This tooth replacement option is fixed in the mouth permanently and doesn’t get removed at home.


Brenda came in with few remaining teeth that could not be saved. Her remaining teeth were extracted and 4 upper and 4 lower immediate implants placed. Snap in complete dentures were made upper and lower. She is extremely happy with the result and able to eat all her favourite foods.


Allison was the lucky recipient of our FREE charity Full Smile Makeover! Treatment involved six dental implants, new upper and lower snap in dentures and beautiful porcelain crowns for the lower front teeth.

The denture lab work was generously provided at material expenses cost by Larry rips of Dental Laboratory Associates. Our dentists donated their time at no cost for the surgical and restorative work. The material costs for the crowns and dental implants were covered by a generous grant from the Bowmanville Rotary Club.

Our patient could not be happier! With her new smile and confidence she has gotten a full time job and has even just gotten a promotion!! It’s been a great journey and we are excited to keep giving back to the community!


Susan came to the office with a broken tooth on the top left and large fillings on root canal treated teeth on either side. Her main concern was replacing the broken tooth and strengthening the teeth next door. The broken tooth was extracted and an immediate implant placed. Crowns were placed on the adjacent teeth for strength and Susan can now smile and chew comfortably again.


Brenda’s case involved a full mouth makeover. Dental anxiety has kept her from dental care for over 20 years. Brenda’s top arch was restored with beautiful porcelain crowns and bridges, as well as having all her old silver fillings on her bottom arch replaced with new white restorations. She was ecstatic to have her new beautiful smile just in time for her daughter’s wedding!


Michael presented with a cracked premolar that was not restorable. We were able to extract the broken tooth and place a dental implant the same day. Three months later the final crown was inserted on the implant. Michael was very happy to be rid of his gap and have his beautiful smile restored .


John came in with the complaint of being unable to chew due to a very loose upper left bridge. We removed the bridge and supporting teeth and were able to place two dental implants at the same time. After healing the implants were restored with porcelain crowns and John was able to chew his favorite foods again.


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