Dental Implants Gallery - WHITBY, ONTARIO, CANADA

Dental Implants Gallery

Dental Implants Gallery

Terry had lost previous bridge in area due to an accident. Two new porcelain implant crowns were designed on our 3d scanner to restore his smile!

Tracey came in to our office after her front tooth with previous root canal therapy had fractured. A single dental implant was placed and brand new porcelain crown inserted two months later.

Tom had a previous bridge in the upper right that fractured. After years of suffering with a removable partial denture that he did not wear, we chose to place three permanent dental implants restored with full porcelain crowns.

Michael came in to our office with a missing space in the upper jaw. We replaced the missing teeth with dental implants using the iTero digital impression system.

Alex had a previous sports related accident when he was younger causing loss of the front two teeth. Two dental implants with full porcelain crowns were placed to restore his smile.


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