Same Day Dental Restorations: How to Have a New Crown in Just One Day

Learning you need a new crown is common, as a tooth can become badly damaged due to trauma or decay. When this happens, the tooth needs complete protection, where it is covered entirely with a dental crown, custom-made to fit over the tooth right down to the gumline so none of its original structure is visible. In the past, preparing a tooth, making the crown and fitting it used to be a process that required at least two dental visits over a couple of weeks. Nowadays, same-day dentistry in Oshawa can frequently ensure that you receive a new crown, veneer, inlay or onlay on the same day during one convenient visit.

How Is It Possible to Have a New Crown on the Same Day?

It’s possible to have a new dental restoration made and fitted on the same day with computerized technology. Margolian Dentistry has the most up-to-date technologies, including an E4D milling machine. This amazing piece of equipment can mill a new crown, veneer, or dental bridge from a single block of pure, pre-shaded ceramic material.

The Process for a Same-Day Crown

Some of the process is the same as for an ordinary crown as we must first assess the tooth and ensure a same-day crown in Whitby is the most suitable option. Next, we prepare the tooth after numbing it with a local anesthetic to ensure you feel comfortable. Once the tooth is prepared, we take a digital dental impression using a small scanner. If you’re unfamiliar with digital dental impressions, you’ll be pleased to know the process is far more comfortable than traditional tray impressions, where you need to sit still for several minutes with a large tray of goopy material inserted in your mouth while it sets. Instead, we scan your mouth using a tiny handheld camera, and the digital images created are extremely accurate. Once the digital dental impression is taken, our dentist can check it on the screen in your treatment room, ensuring it is perfect before designing your new crown.

During the design process, the exact shape, colour and biting or chewing surface is designed before the design is sent wirelessly to our milling machine in our dental office. Your new crown is then milled, a process that doesn’t take very long and once complete, we can polish, characterise and glaze your new restoration to ensure it looks lifelike.

Finally, once the restoration is ready, we give it one final inspection, and it is placed in your mouth, where we can check the fit and your bite. Once we are entirely happy with the outcome, we cement it permanently in place. The result is a beautiful new crown in just one dental visit.

Benefits of Having Same-Day Dental Restorations

A same-day dental restoration in Ajax saves you time, as you only need one visit. Because the restorations are made using computerized technology, they are extremely accurate, ensuring you receive a precision-fitted crown that completely seals the tooth and prevents further infection and decay. These crowns look beautiful because they are made from high-quality materials. Additionally, the process is much more comfortable as the lack of a conventional tray impression prevents discomfort, especially for anyone with a strong gag reflex. Fitting the crown on the same day eliminates the need for a temporary restoration, as while very effective, temporary restorations are more fragile than a permanent crown; some care is needed to ensure you don’t break a temporary crown or dislodge it.

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