Dental Crowns & Bridges - WHITBY, ONTARIO, CANADA

Dental Crowns & Bridges


Our digital work flow provides our patients with the ultimate in aesthetics, convenience and function. We start with our high magnification lenses to accurately prepare your teeth for their prosthesis. With our iTero digiital scanner we can then digitally scan your mouth and preparation creating a digital 3D model of your teeth. From this digital impression our Whitby Dentists used advanced software to custom design your crown, veneer or bridge. This design is then sent to our in office Milling Machine for fabrication out of the carefully selected material and colour shade to match the patients needs for aesthetics and function. All of this is done in just a matter of hours, so in the same day the patient leaves with the final prosthesis cemented in the mouth. This eliminates the headaches caused by the traditional several week wait in a temporary crown or bridge that is often uncomfortable, poor fitting, prone to coming off and sensitive.


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