Root Canals give you instant freedom from bad dental pain!

Most of the people associate a Root Canal with pain and uneasiness. But, the truth is that a Root Canal treatment helps in managing pain, swelling and the acute suffering from a toothache. The term “root canal” refers to making a tiny hollow inside the tooth extending from the tip of the root to the part visible above the gum. We at Margolian Dentistry help solve dental issues with our excellent Root Canal Treatments.  Our dentists are known across Durham to be experts in this field. Why? because we do it with the comfort of the patient as our top priority.

Why do you need a Root Canal Treatment?

If the soft tissues around the tooth get infected or seriously inflamed, then there will be the need for a Root Canal treatment. Inflammation of the tooth can get severe if left untreated, so it is better to acquire the help of professionals at Margolian Dentistry as soon as possible. You can book an appointment with us by calling us at (905) 436-2400.

In a nutshell, Root Canal Treatment initially involves removal of the affected tissue within the tooth’s root canal. Later the treatment focuses on filling the space inside the origin with the best method. Also included are the activities of cleaning, disinfecting of the tooth within the treatment.

If you are suffering from severe tooth issues and need an expert to help you, visit the web address to know about us.  We ensure success and best results for patients by using high magnification microscopes for performing the therapy. For more details about the process email us at

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