Requirements for a successful Dental Implant

Dental Implants have achieved a reputation that most other tooth replacement procedures failed to gain. The goal of an implant is to replace missing teeth and is the preferred method by the dentists due to its high success rate.  They are preferred over dentures and bridges because they are more stable and are the perfect alternative to natural teeth. With a good Implant there is typically also a remarkable improvement in speech and facial expression as well. Patients who have been looking for the best implant procedures in Durham should visit Margolian dentistry in Whitby.

What is an Implant?

An Implant is defined as a manufactured anchor that gets surgically inserted into the upper or lower jawbones for the purpose of holding artificial teeth. The placed structure acts as the root of the tooth and is different from dentures in every way.


Are Dental Implants successful?

The success of a dental implant is dependent on the general health of the candidate and also the dentist engaged in for the activity. Individuals who have healthy gums and adequate bone are the best candidates for the implant. Likewise, a skilled dentist is required for the art of performing an implant.  They must analyze the health of the candidate and the various implant options for that patient.

At Margolian dentistry, we always consider what is the best implant procedure for you, always keeping your budget in mind.  Thank you for selecting us to be a part of your healthcare team.  Located at 1750 Dundas Street East, Whitby, Ontario, Margolian dentistry is also known for its emergency dental services. For more details of our services visit our website

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