Picking the right dentures with Margolian dentistry

As you age, you can experience problems that cause you to lose your teeth naturally or need to have them pulled for your own dental health. However, there isn’t just one kind of dentures in Whitby. Understanding the different types of dentures that are available can help you choose the right options for your new smile.

Full Dentures

The type most people are familiar with is full dentures. These dentures replace your entire mouth full of teeth, giving you the illusion of a whole mouth of healthy teeth. It is this option that gets the most press with denture cream and cleaner commercials. This is because they are the most common type needed for dental patients. However, not everyone has lost enough teeth to require full dentures. Others can opt for partials to give them the tooth replacement options they need.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing just a few teeth, particularly when they are in the same area of the mouth, you may qualify for partial dentures. These dentures replace a section of your teeth, giving you the healthy mouth you are looking for. If you are missing a bunch of teeth in the same place, it can become difficult to talk and chew. With the help of partial dentures in Lemont, you can create the healthy, beautiful smile you had before you lost some of your teeth.

Discuss Your Options with Your Dentist

Before you make the final choice, it is important to talk to your dentist. Your dentist can discuss what is involved with each type and help you make the best possible decision. In some situations, full dentures may be the only option, especially if you are already missing a large number of teeth or many of your teeth are beyond repair. However, there are certain situations where you can make the choice between full and partial dentures. Visit Margolian dentistry for more information on dentistry procedures.

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