Learn How Porcelain Veneers Could Transform Your Smile

Here at Margolian Dentistry, we offer a range of exciting cosmetic dental treatments. Our porcelain veneers are very popular, and they can transform your smile.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are fabricated from a thin shell of strong, durable tooth-coloured porcelain and fit precisely over the front surface of a tooth. They are sometimes called dental veneers or porcelain laminates and are bonded onto the tooth, changing its length, colour, size or shape.

When to Consider Porcelain Veneers?

You might want porcelain veneers in Oshawa if you have teeth that are stained because of tetracycline or by excessive fluoride or an older root canal treatment. They can be very useful in lengthening worn down teeth and hiding and mending teeth with small chips or cracks.

Perhaps you have some teeth that are slightly out of alignment or irregularly shaped, for example, which may have bulges or craters? Porcelain veneers can be used to bring teeth back into alignment and could be an alternative to orthodontics in Whitby. They can mask the appearance of irregularly shaped teeth, creating a more aesthetically appealing tooth shape.

Quite a few people have gaps between their teeth, and these can act as food traps and may look unsightly. Porcelain veneers can close or minimize the spaces and, again, can be an alternative to using orthodontic to close unsightly gaps.

How to Tell If Porcelain Veneers Could Help You?

If you are interested in veneers, it’s best to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Ajax. We can gently examine your teeth and can soon tell if you are suitable for porcelain veneers. Most people can have porcelain veneers, but you need healthy, strong teeth that don’t have any sizeable fillings or signs of tooth decay. We can also discuss how many porcelain veneers might be appropriate for your needs during this appointment, depending on how you wish to transform your smile.

Some people will only need one or two veneers, perhaps covering up one or two heavily stained teeth or which are less than aesthetically appealing. Others may choose to have a more substantial number of veneers, sometimes covering all their upper and lower teeth visible when they smile or talk. We can discuss which options are most appropriate for you and will always suggest the most conservative solutions.

The Procedure for Porcelain Veneers

The procedure for making and fitting porcelain veneers is minimally invasive, but we will normally need to remove some tooth structure from each tooth’s front surface. Typically, we only remove about 0.5 mm of tooth enamel, ensuring your new veneers don’t look or feel too bulky. Tooth preparation is done using local anesthetic to keep you comfortable.

Once your teeth are prepared, we use our advanced digital impression system, a small device that scans your teeth, capturing a highly accurate dental impression. There is no need for uncomfortable and gloopy impression trays, and the digital impression ensures a precision fit.

Your veneers are custom-made in a shade of porcelain chosen to be complementary to your smile. If you have multiple veneers, you may be able to choose a shade lighter than your natural teeth. If you only have one or two veneers, you might wish to whiten your teeth first so we can make their veneers to match their brighter and whiter smile. When the veneers are ready, we can try them in to make sure they fit perfectly before bonding them in place. You look after your veneers just like your real teeth, but be sure to schedule regular checkups and cleanings to help prolong their natural life.

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