Is Your Smile Looking a Little Gummy?

Ideally, when you talk, smile or laugh, you will show a small amount of gum tissue, but some people have what is called a ‘gummy’ smile. They will show a lot of gum tissue when they smile, and it may appear their teeth are too small. Perhaps this sounds familiar? Then you might feel a bit self-conscious when smiling. If your enjoyment of life is being affected by a smile you think is too gummy, then you can do something about it. Often can be corrected, often by using advanced laser dentistry in Whitby.

Usually, a smile is described as too gummy if 4mm or more of gum tissue is shown during smiling but this can be quite subjective. To understand why you show too much gum, it’s best to book an appointment with us here at Margolian Dentistry. Our dentist will carefully examine your mouth and your teeth to determine the cause of your gummy smile, so we can suggest the most appropriate treatment options. Frequently, the cause is due to your teeth erupting slightly differently so that they remain covered up with an excessive amount of gum tissue. This can make them appear too short even though they may be exactly the right length underneath the tissue. After your examination, we can discuss how best to treat your gummy smile. If it is simply due to an excess of gum tissue, then laser dentistry could be a great solution.

Treating a Gummy Smile
Margolian Dentistry can use up-to-date laser dentistry to carefully reshape your gums, ensuring they have the correct contours to nicely frame your teeth. We have a WaterLase dental laser which combines a gentle spray of water with laser energy and which will help to provide you with a more comfortable treatment. With this advanced technology, we can recontour your gums, lengthening the appearance of teeth that are too short. We can also remove excess gum tissue between your teeth and will ensure your gum line is evenly aligned.

Why Have Laser Dentistry?
Laser dentistry is an extremely precise way to remove excess gum tissue, ensuring only the proper amount of gum is removed. It’s also very effective and minimally invasive, and treatment is really quite quick. Often there is no need for local anesthetic and using a laser eliminates the need for stitches. Afterward, healing is faster because there is less swelling and bleeding, minimizing discomfort. This is because the energy produced by a dental laser will automatically seal any small blood vessels that may be cut during treatment in a process called thermocoagulation and which also helps to reduce any risk of infection. Like all our treatments, we will plan your laser dentistry in Ajax extremely carefully, deciding exactly how many teeth need to be treated. Sometimes it may only be necessary to treat one or two teeth to help create a more even gum line. It’s a nice way to help improve your confidence in your smile.

Is Laser Dentistry Always Suitable for Treating Gummy Smiles?
Generally, a gummy smile is due to an excess of gum tissue, but there are other reasons that can cause this problem. For example, it is possible for the muscles that operate the upper lip to be hyperactive, pulling the lip up too far. Other times a gummy smile may be due to the way teeth have erupted or could be caused by the shape of the jawbone. These problems will require a different type of treatment and of course, our dentist in Oshawa can talk about your options so that you can have a smile you’ll be proud to show.

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