Irritated By Tooth Decay? Your Diet Might Be The Reason! 

A modern diet and unhealthy lifestyle are the two most common reasons for tooth decay. Tooth decay commonly occurs when foods high in carbohydrate content like candies, chocolates, milk, and raisins are left on the teeth. This means, what you eat is quite significant. Let’s see how your most loved foods fare when it comes to tooth decay.

Acidic Foods and Beverages:
Acidic food softens enamel and frequent intake eventually results in erosion. A lot of foods, sodas, soft drinks, and energy drinks that contain high acid levels can be responsible for slow decay. The effect is maximum when a person sips beverages and swishes it within mouth for a longer period rather than drinking it all at once.

Starches: Foods like rice, potatoes, and white bread can result in production of acid which is the main reason for tooth decay. And the affect is even worse, in case the carb-rich foods have added sugars in them.

Processed Foods: Similarly, processed foods like cereals, processed grains, pastas, etc. can give you cavities.

The bottom line is, one should stay away from all the above listed food items in order to minimize the chances of decay. And in case, you already need help of a dentist in Whitby, you should visit or call at 905-436-2400.

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