How to Banish Dental Fear and Anxiety

Lots of people view visiting the dentist as a necessary chore, but for some, the mere thought of setting foot in the dental office is more stressful. Dental fear and anxiety are widespread, and if you feel this way, you have lots of company! Statistics Canada estimates that 40% of Canadians experience some level of fear when seeing a dentist.

Why Do People Fear the Dentist?
There are several different reasons as to why you might find seeing a dentist in Oshawa a bit scary.
For some, these fears can be traced back to childhood experiences, and parents can pass on their own concerns to children. When a child sees a parent actively avoiding dental visits or speaking negatively about dental treatment, it can significantly influence the child’s view of dental treatment.

Other people don’t like their lack of control in the dental chair. There is also a theory that dental fear could be biological. Our reaction is to reject anything like the dentist’s hand or tools automatically, and which could block the airway, so it could be a natural fight or flight response.

For some, the fear of needles is enough to deter them from seeing the dentist, even though many dental procedures don’t require injections, and therapies such as laser dentistry are often injection-free.
Now for the good news, as dental fear is manageable, and with the right care, you can conquer your anxiety.

Talk to Your Dental Office
Modern dentistry is far more oriented towards the needs of the patient, taking a more holistic approach, and a good dentist in Whitby treats the person, not just their mouth! A sympathetic dentist will take the time to listen to your fears. This will allow them to decide how best to help you overcome them. For example, if your concerns are related to a lack of control, your dentist can give you a simple hand signal so you can stop treatment at any moment and will take frequent breaks. They will devise a suitable treatment plan tailored to your requirements, allowing you to receive the dental care you need or desire comfortably.

Here at Margolin Dentistry, we can also provide sedation dentistry. Sometimes this is an excellent solution and especially if you need more extensive dental care or are particularly nervous, as more treatment can be comfortably provided during a single visit. Sedation options available include oral conscious sedation and intravenous conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation
With this option, you will feel far more relaxed and comfortable but will remain awake during treatment. Our dentist can prescribe an oral sedative that you just take an hour before your appointment. By the time you sit in the dental chair, you will feel far less anxious. We can also use laughing gas with oral sedation to help you feel even calmer.

Intravenous Conscious Sedation
This is a deeper form of sedative that is given intravenously throughout your treatment. It’s sometimes called twilight or sleep dentistry because it’s not unusual to fall asleep during your procedure, but you can still respond to our questions and can tell us if you feel uncomfortable at any stage. The sedative has a nice amnesiac effect, so that once you awaken you will most likely remember very little or nothing about your treatment.

When providing any type of sedation dentistry in Ajax, every precaution is taken to ensure you are kept safe and comfortable during your treatment. You are monitored continuously, and we will check your medical history beforehand. Once good dental health is restored, it’s often easily maintained, and as you visit Margolian Dentistry more regularly, we hope any fears and anxieties are gradually banished for good.

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