How Are Chipped or Broken Teeth Fixed?

Though your teeth are formed of enamel, which is the hardest tissue in the body, it too is vulnerable to chipping, breaking and decay. You may damage your pearly whites accidentally or they may begin chipping/breaking due to bad enamel quality. So, the question remains, how can you fix them in such a situation?

Modern dentistry allows for several options to this extent. Tooth bonding is used for teeth that are chipped, cracked, decayed or gap-filled. The procedure used molded putty to rectify appearance which is then shaped, hardened and polished to match the rest of the teeth. Another popular technique is using veneers which are like tooth-caps that are bonded to the tooth’s outer surface; usually recommended to fix appearance of cracked/discolored teeth.

Dental crowns are used when chipped/broken teeth cause pain and discomfort on chewing, drinking etc. Crowns are synthetic coverings that are mounted atop faulty teeth to protect them, prevent further decay and also improve their appearance. Based on what your emergency dentist Whitby or other expert advises, you can go in for any of these procedures to fix chipped, cracked, broken teeth. To know more, visit or call (905) 436-2400.



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