Gum Contouring – Helpful Tips and Facts

Nowadays, lots of people are willing to undergo such dental cosmetic surgeries to ensure perfect, sparkling teeth. But did you know that the shape of your teeth has a big impact on your appearance, too? And if you are planning to have Gum Contouring, here are some of the helpful facts and tips that you need to know:

Do you often see people who have ‘gummy’ smiles? That is basically because of excess gum tissue that goes along the enamel. Notice that their teeth appear shorter than their actual size.

But how is it done?

According to Dr. Margolian, a dentist in Whitby, excess gum tissue are being removed using a high quality laser and some cutting tools so enamels would appear in a larger size. Dr. Margolian said that the patient might feel discomfort or soreness after the surgery, but this is completely normal as it will heal just after a few days.

Don’t worry too much about the exposure of the roots. Also, your teeth’s size, condition, and shape would still be a factor to consider to determine your final appearance.

If you are looking for a dentist in Whitby that offers this surgery, Margolian Dentistry is the perfect choice!



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