Foods You Should Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

To a great extent, the quality of one’s teeth depends upon the kind of food they consume. This is because even as enamel is touted as being the hardest substance in the body, it is vulnerable to attack from bacteria and microbes, many of which are mobilized when food is eaten. Ask any dentist and he will give you a long list of foods you should avoid in order to keep your teeth healthy.

Foods You Should Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Healthy - Dr Margolian Dentistry - Whitby - Canada

The first thing you’ll be told is to avoid too many sweets. The breakdown of sweets makes the oral climate very acidic due to the action of bacteria. Excess acid in the teeth can corrode the enamel and weaken teeth easily, eventually leading to cavities even. Avoiding naturally acidic foods like citrus fruits and processed meats is also thus recommended. You should also limit the intake of foods that stain the teeth such as tea, coffee, wine and so on. Smoking is also discouraged since nicotine stains heavily and yellows teeth very quickly.

Alcohol consumption should also be curtailed since it dehydrates the body and mouth, thus making the mouth dry. Lack of saliva often leads to gum diseases and bad breath, which is certainly not desirable. For more information, you could consult a dentist in Whitby by visiting or calling on 905-436-2400.


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