Facing Tooth Loss? Discover How to Replace Them

Tooth loss is upsetting and potentially embarrassing, but it’s something lots of us will have to face at some point. One thing is for sure, we always regard tooth extractions as a last resort, when we have exhausted all other avenues for saving your teeth. The good news is that even if you do lose teeth, we have several solutions that could help you. Choices include dentures, bridges and the most up-to-date dental implants in Ajax.

Modern dentures are definitely very different from those worn by your grandparents or parents and can restore multiple missing teeth in a way that is cost-effective and non-invasive. Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth, while full dentures can restore a complete arch of teeth. We take enormous care when designing dentures, ensuring you receive teeth that look aesthetically pleasing and which feel as comfortable as possible.

Dental Bridges
Dental bridges are an excellent solution for tooth loss, providing you with a fixed restoration that remains firmly in place. A dental bridge is supported by teeth adjacent to the gap and which are carefully shaped and crowned. The dental crowns are then attached to the replacement tooth, creating a strong and stable bridge and where the replacement tooth will rest on the gums.

If aesthetics is particularly crucial, for example, when replacing front teeth, you may want to opt for an all-ceramic bridge that is entirely metal-free. We use the most up-to-date ceramic materials, and which includes zirconia, a very special type of ceramic that is incredibly strong and which can even be used to create full-arch bridges.

Margolian Dentistry uses the very latest 3-D digital impression system for all bridge cases, providing you with a precision-fitting restoration that will look and feel great. Another massive advantage of having a digital impression is that the experience is far more comfortable because your teeth are simply scanned with a special type of camera. We also use this advanced technology for dental implants. Messy and uncomfortable impressions are a thing of the past!

Dental Implants
Dental implants are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-term solution to tooth loss. Instead of having a restoration that rests on your gums or which is supported by your natural teeth, dental implants are self-supporting. An implant consists of a small post made from titanium or zirconia and which is placed into your jawbone so it can act just like a real tooth root. Dental implants can be a particularly good choice if you only have a single missing tooth because there is no need to adapt the teeth on either side of the gap. Treatment is also very versatile because dental implants in Oshawa can support crowns and bridges which are either cemented or screwed onto the implants and are only removable by a dentist. Dental implants can even support dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures are frequently an excellent and affordable choice for people missing an entire arch of teeth. Relatively few dental implants are needed to hold the denture securely, and yet it can still be removed easily for cleaning.

We have suitable options for everyone, and it is important to replace any missing teeth as losing even a single tooth affects your dental health. Restoring your teeth makes it easier to smile and talk, and it’s more comfortable to eat. When the time comes, our Whitby dentist will discuss each treatment with you, helping you to decide which solution best suits your needs.

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