Easy Tips to Follow after Root Canal Therapy

If you have already had root canal therapy, you will know it is a pain-free procedure that helps relieve discomfort in badly infected teeth, saving them from extraction. During root canal therapy, the inner part of the tooth, called the dental pulp, is thoroughly cleaned, removing all the infected tissue, including the nerve. After root canal therapy, your tooth should quickly feel far more comfortable, but following these easy tips will help ensure a smooth and problem-free recovery.

Managing Discomfort

After root canal treatment in Newcastle, it can take a while for your tooth to settle down, and for the first few days, it may feel tender and inflamed. This is perfectly normal, and any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. The discomfort should disappear after a couple of days, but contact West Bowmanville Family Dental for help and advice if it lasts longer.

Choose Foods Carefully

While your tooth feels a bit more sensitive than normal, it’s worth paying more attention to the foods you eat. As it settles down, try to avoid very spicy, chewy or hard foods that could irritate the tooth. Also, your tooth probably has a temporary filling at this stage, and very chewy foods could dislodge it. Good foods to eat are scrambled eggs, soups and oatmeal, and be aware that eating foods that are too hot or cold could also cause tooth sensitivity in Clarington.

Practice Good Dental Care

Practising good dental care will help your tooth recover more easily and, at the same time, is essential for protecting all of your teeth and your overall dental health. It typically takes less than 10 minutes each day to make sure you brush twice daily and floss once a day, and this simple routine can make an enormous difference to dental health. While your tooth is still recovering, brush around it gently and floss very carefully so you don’t dislodge the temporary filling.

Complete Root Canal Treatment As Soon As Possible

A temporary filling is exactly that and will need to be replaced with a proper restoration as soon as possible. Our Courtice dentist can advise you on when to book your follow-up appointment, and it’s important to make sure you come and see us. The temporary filling will not last very long, and when you return to see us, we can check your tooth has healed properly and is infection-free before providing a permanent restoration.

Usually, it’s necessary to have a crown fitted after root canal therapy in Bowmanville. This is because the tooth will almost certainly have lost quite a bit of its original structure, and an ordinary filling would not be strong enough to restore the tooth fully. Instead, the crown will cover the entire tooth right down to the gum line, protecting and preserving it while restoring its strength and appearance. We can make sure you receive a beautiful, lifelike crown that looks and feels entirely natural so you can eat and talk comfortably and with complete confidence.

Not Sure If You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Have you a tooth that feels uncomfortable or painful? Perhaps the gum around the tooth looks inflamed and red? Any tooth pain is a sign that something is wrong, and it’s worth coming to see us sooner rather than later. A tooth infection cannot clear up without professional dental care, and the more quickly we can treat a tooth, the more likely we can save it. At the same time, prompt treatment will help relieve that nasty toothache, so get in touch with us to book your dental appointment.

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