Dental Care Post Teeth Whitening

Those who undergo professional teeth whitening need to be especially careful of oral hygiene in the aftermath of the procedure. Maintaining high levels of cleanliness will ensure that the effects of the whitening last long and you do not end up with stained, yellow teeth all over again.

There are certain practices that a  dentist in Whitby  will suggest when you get teeth whitening done. You will be encouraged to brush at least twice a day and floss alongside too. This will ensure that foods that may stain your teeth are removed to the greatest extent possible. You should also avoid foods that have a high staining effect such as tea, coffee, red wine, soy sauce and so on.

If one smokes, they will need to abstain from doing so for at least two weeks after the whitening. If one is unable to do that, they should brush their teeth after smoking as a rule. If avoiding certain beverages is also difficult, you could use a straw to prevent staining. After a 2 – 4 weeks of such strict oral care, you may return to the usual oral care regime of brushing regularly, using mouthwash and flossing twice daily. For more information, visit or call on 905-436-2400.

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