The advantages of a dental bridge

If you are missing one or more teeth, then you can consider dental bridges where an artificial tooth (also called a Pontic) gets inserted in the gap attached to dental crowns on the surrounding teeth. But, with so many options available for solving dental issues, what is the benefit of choosing a dental bridge?

Improved appearance:

Many individuals can feel self conscious about missing teeth in their smile. But dental bridges create a considerable improvement in the appearance of the individual because the false teeth fit and appear just like natural teeth.

Fixed Permanent Replacement:

An alternative to bridges are removable dentures. These have to be taken in and out daily and have non aesthetic metal clasps for retention, that can often be seen in the smile. Whereas dental bridges are fixed in the mouth and with proper cleaning can last a lifetime.


Dental bridges are more affordable than some other methods of tooth replacement and often are covered by common dental insurance plans. They are a great option for aesthetically filling unsightly gaps.

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