Are You Suffering from a Gum Disease? – Symptoms and Remedies

Gum disease is referred to as infection of gum tissues that is responsible in protecting and surrounding your teeth. If left untreated, it may cause tooth loss and more complications. Usually, gum disease cannot be detected easily as it is not painful in some cases. Gum disease most of the time is due to plaque and bad bacteria build-up. Over time it can become a chronic or long lasting problem leading to tooth loss.

The following are some typical symptoms of Gum Disease:

Bleeding and swollen gums

Bad breath or Halitosis

Teeth start to loosen

Gums become reddish in color


Some typical causes of Gum Disease include:

Poor hygiene
Drinking too much coffee

Taking medications which contain steroids, cancer therapy drugs, and those which interfere with Calcium in the body. Taking oral contraceptives (for women).

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