Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Patients with Heart Problems

Before undergoing such major dental operations, some dentists recommend their patients to take antibiotic prophylaxis.

For some readers who have no idea about it, antibiotic prophylaxis is being taken by the patients to prevent bad bacteria from entering in the patient’s system. Unless you have a healthy immune system, you might not need to take antibiotic prophylaxis anymore.

Furthermore, patients who currently have heart conditions are required to take in as well to ensure safety while being treated. Based on American Heart Association’s research, antibiotic prophylaxis should be taken if:

  • The patient has artificial heart valves
  • The patient has history of infective endocarditis wherein the heart lining is infected.
  • The patient has congenital heart disease
  • Patient has undergone a major heart surgery including catheter intervention

If you are experiencing one of these heart conditions, talk to your dentist about it. At Margolian Dentistry, dentists are always ready to listen and give a hand. And of course, Dr. Margolian will always ensure that you are being taken care of. Dr. Margolian, a great Dentist in Whitby, will give some important guidelines and prescriptions for the patients before undergoing dental operations.

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