Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth also known as third molars form under the gums of children for many years as they grow up and become fully formed in the late teens or early twenties. They either erupt into the mouth or can often become partially or fully impacted due to improper positioning. Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can cause crowding, damage to adjacent teeth, cause damage to the jawbone, or even the nerves. Wisdom teeth can become stuck in various positions and angulations and never fully come into the mouth. Sometimes if the wisdom teeth are completely impacted under the gums and bone and causing no problems they can be left alone. However if they erupt partially into the mouth it can cause problems. Food and debris can get caught under the gums of the partially exposed tooth and cause swelling, infection and pain. This is a condition called pericoronitis and is resolved only with the removal of the wisdom tooth. Even wisdom teeth that fully erupt into the mouth in a proper angle can be very difficult to clean, as they are so far back and very prone to cavities.

Your dentist should regularly take x-rays every few years to monitor the eruption of the wisdom teeth. This will allow the dentist to determine how far along the wisdom teeth are in development and catch improper positioning early so they can be removed before they cause any issues or discomfort. If removal is necessary, patients often find it most comfortable to be sedated for the procedure. At West Bowmanville Family Dental we remove wisdom teeth, erupted or impacted, and are properly trained and licensed to provide complete sedation during the procedure.

wisdom teeth

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