Why See Our Hygiene Team Regularly?

Here at Margolian Dentistry, we have a wonderful and extremely dedicated dental hygiene team, and we hope you take the time to visit them regularly! Seeing a hygienist is an important part of your preventive dental care plan and helps you maintain a healthy smile between your Oshawa dentist visits.

We can provide a range of dental hygiene services that include dental cleanings, gum disease treatments, and fluoride treatments. Because our hygienists are passionate about dentistry, you’ll also find they are great educators. They love chatting with our patients about how best to care for teeth and gums.

Maintaining good gum health and preventing gum disease is extremely important. Untreated gum disease can cause tooth loss, and it’s been linked to other serious health conditions that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases and even dementia. When you see our dental team in Whitby regularly, we always assess your gum health very carefully. While the early signs of gum disease are easily overlooked, we can detect them quickly and provide a suitable treatment to reverse the disease entirely. It’s a different matter if gum disease progresses without any treatment, as it can become chronic.

Cleaning Your Mouth Thoroughly, Even Those Hard to Reach Areas

When your teeth are cleaned professionally, the hygienist removes all dental plaque and calculus (hardened plaque), leaving your mouth feeling super fresh. Even people who meticulously clean their teeth will miss some areas, allowing calculus to build up. Plaque and calculus contain harmful bacteria that cause infection and inflammation in the gums, so regularly removing this build-up is an easy way to help maintain strong and healthy gums and prevent gum disease.

If you already have signs of gum disease, our Ajax hygienist can deep clean your gums and teeth, helping to get rid of the bacterial infection and giving your gums a greater chance of healing. It’s a process similar to a conventional dental cleaning but cleans tooth roots exposed by gum recession that occurs with more advanced gum disease.

Get Great Advice on How to Improve Your Brushing and Flossing Routine

As the hygienist cleans your teeth, they can easily identify areas that could use a little extra love when you brush and floss. Afterwards, they can talk to you about how to clean these areas more effectively, and if needed, review your brushing and flossing techniques.

Hate flossing? We know lots of people find it tricky, but there are other tools you can try and which you might find easier to use daily. Flossing is so important for good gum health so let us work with you to discover the right tools for you. The good news is that flossing is an easy habit to develop, and once you have it, it will quickly feel very unnatural not to floss each day.

Fluoride Applications to Strengthen Your Pearly Whites

Fluoride is wonderful for helping to strengthen tooth enamel safely. Our hygienists can provide topical professional strength fluoride treatments to give your teeth a little extra protection between dental visits.

How Often Should I See a Hygienist?

Provided your teeth and gums are reasonably healthy, you will probably only need to see a hygienist every six months. Booking a hygiene appointment when you see our dentist allows you to get everything done in one easy visit, and hopefully, that will be it for another six months. If you have some dental problems or medical issues affecting your oral health, you may benefit from seeing a hygienist more frequently. We can assess how often after examining your mouth and reviewing your dental and medical history.

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