Why Dental Implants Have Become So Popular? 

Gone are the days when the only option for those with damaged or missing teeth was to get dentures bridges. Now, one can go in for dental implants instead, and a lot of dentists as well as satisfied patients are recommending these over other alternatives. The question is, are dental implants really better than dentures and bridges or is this just the latest fad in the world of dentistry?

The first argument in favor of dental implants is that they promise you the functionality and feel very similar to healthy, natural teeth. Unlike other options, these implants last long as well, and may see one through their entire lifetime if maintained properly. Moreover, since they are surgically attached to your jawbone, implants don’t need re-positioning and/or removal.

With all of this, the convenience quotient of having false teeth naturally goes up. Implants keep you looking the same, with no changes in your smile or appearance. The embarrassing problems that come with having to put on/remove/store dentures are also relieved. You also don’t need to worry about cavities and sticky foods causing problems since implants aren’t vulnerable to these. Now do you see why dental implants have become so popular in recent times?

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