What Is Causing Discoloration Of Teeth?

If someone has recently pinpointed your stained or discolored teeth, it is indeed time for you to check on your day-to-day habits that might be responsible for it. Your teeth are protected by soft enamel that has a natural white color. However, once the enamel wears out, the lower layer known as dentin gets revealed, which is yellow in color. Now the enamel gradually wears out, but there are some habits that can speed-up discoloration.

What Is Causing Discoloration Of Teeth - Dr Margolian Dentistry - Whitby - Canada

One of the most adverse habits that accelerate discoloration of teeth is intake of too much coffee or tea. Tea or coffee is acidic so it results in erosion of the enamel. Besides, it leaves your teeth stickier, thus causing food particles to latch on. If not tea or coffee, then even sugary drinks could be responsible for discoloration. Since aerated drinks are a mix of sugar and acid, you shouldn’t keep them for long in your mouth; instead drink it all at once (if you really wish to drink).

Brushing right after eating might also be damaging your teeth. Though this might not seem harmful but even reputed dentist in Whitby recommend you to drop this particular habit. To know more about what is causing your teeth to become discolored, visit https://www.drmargolian.com/ or call at 905-436-2400.

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