Relying on Margolian Dentistry for Dental Implants For Amazing Smiles!

The technology behind dental implants has changed the way we can fix your smile – permanently! In the not too distant past, implants used to be a few weeks procedure.  Now they can be accomplished comfortably in just one day! The primary reasons for this change are the improvements in coating technology, the advancements in the implants shape & thread designs and the availability of 3D dental CT scans. For a perfect modern Implant, you can get in touch with Margolian Dentistry located in Whitby.

What is a 3D Dental CT Scan?

The main purpose of the three-dimensional dental CT scan is to perform imaging of the mouth so that the implants can have extremely accurate positioning. When the dentists perform these CT scans, then they can plan ahead before the dental surgery to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Before the CT scan, the dental surgeon had to detach the gum tissues from the jaw bones and the root for measuring the density and thickness of jaw bone. But along the modern technology, everything is performed swiftly, and teeth Implants are done in a day.

At Margolian dentistry, DIGITAL DENTAL X-RAYS are used in place of traditional X-rays. To read about the technology used by us, visit-

We at Margolian dentistry use the most upgraded dental techniques for solving dental issues. We have a committed team that is available on (905) 436-2400. To know about our practice hours and the services, visit our dedicated website-

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