How to Age with a Healthy Smile

There is nothing you can do to hold back time, but you can ensure you have a healthy smile as you age. Older people can have more problems with gum disease and tooth decay, as well as issues with tooth loss. Nowadays, more people in Whitby will retain a higher number of their natural teeth beyond age 65, but excellent preventative dentistry is essential if you wish to keep your teeth and gums in great shape.

It’s worth making sure you maintain an optimal level of oral health because of the close connection with your general health. Poor oral health is associated with many serious health conditions. Something as simple as brushing and flossing regularly and coming to see us here at Margolian Dentistry could help to protect your overall health.

Your Teeth Are Amazing but They are Not Indestructible
Teeth are incredibly strong and must withstand substantial pressures every time you chew food. However, they aren’t indestructible, and over time they can wear down and may chip, crack or fracture. Also, your teeth are exposed to acids every day and which will gradually erode tooth enamel. When teeth wear down, it can increase the risk of tooth decay and infection, and you may notice your teeth feel more sensitive to hot and cold.

How We Can Help
When you visit us for regular checkups, we carefully assess the condition of each tooth and can recommend suitable treatments is needed. For example, teeth that are chipped or worn can frequently be restored using the very latest tooth coloured composite resins which are strong, durable and they look fantastic too. If tooth enamel is worn down, we can bond the tooth with composite resin, protecting it and reducing tooth sensitivity. Other treatments that may help include applications of topical fluoride to strengthen enamel.

How Medications Affect Oral Health
Unfortunately, as you get older, it’s far more likely you will need medications, and these can produce unwanted side-effects. One common side-effect is dry mouth or xerostomia so your mouth cannot produce enough saliva to keep it clean and fresh. In addition to being unpleasant, xerostomia can increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and mouth infections in Ajax. If you wear dentures, these may feel more uncomfortable.

How We Can Help
If you do have dry mouth, we can monitor your dental health more closely to reduce the risk of infection and disease. One thing that could be useful is to have your teeth cleaned more frequently as removing the bacteria in plaque and tartar can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Other things you can include drinking plenty of water as when you are well hydrated your body can create saliva more easily. Some people like to chew sugar-free candies or gum to stimulate saliva flow. It’s possible to buy over-the-counter artificial saliva to make your mouth feel more comfortable. If you smoke, consider quitting because tobacco is drying and it’s bad for your health on so many levels.

Restoring a Once-Sparkling Smile
If you’ve noticed your once sparkling smile is no longer quite as bright, this change is also due in part to ageing. Tooth enamel gradually thins over the years, exposing the yellow dentin inside the tooth. The enamel can become stained by lifestyle habits including a liking for coffee, tea and red wine. The good news is that often discoloured teeth can be substantially brightened with advanced tooth whitening treatments in Oshawa or using the latest cosmetic dentistry. If a whiter smile is on your wish list, talk to us and discover the possibilities. We can devise a suitable treatment plan to help you age gracefully with a beautiful, healthy smile.

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