How Much Do You Know About Root Canal Therapy?

Lots of people, when hearing they need root canal therapy in Whitby will feel a little apprehensive. This is because root canal treatment has a wholly undeserved reputation for being uncomfortable at best. But, is it really that bad? We don’t think so, and in fact, a root canal treatment is nothing to be feared, and here is why.

Why is it Called Root Canal Therapy?
The term root canal refers to a specific part of your tooth, as the root canals are hollow channels extending from the pulp chamber in the centre of your tooth to deep into your tooth roots. The pulp chamber contains nerves and blood vessels that are essential for a tooth while it is developing and which extend into the root canals, but in adults, these tissues aren’t necessary. However, these nerves do allow teeth to experience hot and cold sensations. The number of root canals can vary, as a front tooth will only have a single root and root canal whereas a larger back tooth could have several root canals.

Root canal therapy is a procedure that is used when the pulp chamber and root canals become infected or inflamed by bacteria in the mouth. This could happen if you have an untreated cavity or lost a filling and haven’t yet had it replaced, or if you have a chip or crack in a tooth that can let in disease-causing bacteria. Any kind of trauma to a tooth such as a blow to the mouth can also inflame the nerve.

As you can imagine, a tooth infection is potentially extremely painful, and the whole purpose of root canal therapy is to remove the infection, relieving the pain. It’s also possible to have an infected root canal without any pain and especially if the tooth nerve has died because of the bacterial infection. However, if your dentist in Ajax has discovered infection in the tooth, you need to get it treated as soon as you can. It’s far preferable to seek treatment quickly as this will give you the best chance of saving the tooth. Without treatment, the infection can worsen, and you could end up losing your tooth.

What to Expect during Root Canal Therapy?
If you do need root canal therapy, please don’t worry because we can take excellent care of you here at Margolian Dentistry. We will ensure you cannot feel a thing during your treatment as your tooth will be thoroughly numbed before our dentist will carefully make an opening in the crown of the tooth. This exposes the pulp chamber, allowing all the infected tissue to be removed thoroughly. Specially shaped files are used to clean the root canals, and it’s essential to remove all the bacteria causing the infection. We use high-powered microscopes during this treatment to visualize the area more clearly and to ensure an optimal outcome.

What to Expect after Treatment Is Complete?
Initially, you may notice some slight discomfort because your tooth needs a bit of time to settle down, but the severe pain of a tooth infection will be gone, and you should feel far more comfortable. After root canal therapy, it’s usually necessary to cover the tooth entirely with a dental crown. This is because often a substantial part of its original structure is missing due to infection and decay. A dental crown will restore your tooth to its proper size and shape, ensuring it is strong enough for you to bite and chew normally.

Root canal therapy really isn’t anything to fear, but if you do experience toothache see our emergency dentist in Oshawa as soon as possible.

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