Child’s First Dental Visit

Children get their first tooth around 6 months. This can vary from child to child, and by the age of 3, they will have their full set of baby teeth.

Many people think there is a specific age when you should first bring in children to the dentist, but in fact the best guideline is when the child’s first tooth comes in. This is usually before the age of 1. The first visit is all about getting young children comfortable in the dental office and with the dentist. Simply showing them some of the more fun dental tools, such as a spinning polishing brush, allows them to become familiar and comfortable in this new environment. In this way, as they age and perhaps need dental treatment such as a cleaning or a filling, the environment does not intimidate them. From then on, children should have regular cleanings and check ups every 6 months.

Another benefit to bringing children in early is establishing what we call a dental home. Having a dental provider established for your child who already has all the medical history information on file means that in the unfortunate case that there be a dental emergency in their early years, you have someone you know and trust to call, who is already familiar of your child’s specific medical needs.

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