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Why Whiten Teeth Professionally?

There is no denying that a white, healthy smile can look gorgeous, and if you visit any pharmacy or search online, you’ll find a plethora of DIY tooth whitening treatments. So why whiten professionally? The simple answer is that a professional tooth whitening treatment in Oshawa is safer and more effective.

When tooth whitening treatments are used incorrectly, there’s the potential that they could harm your teeth or gums, or both. Whitening your teeth professionally will prevent this from happening, while ensuring you receive optimal results. Considering you have just one set of adult teeth, we think they are well worth protecting!

The Difference Begins with a Dental Checkup
Before providing you with any teeth whitening treatment, our dentist in Whitby will need to assess your teeth and gums carefully. It’s essential to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong and don’t have any signs of disease such as cavities. We will also need to check that any restorations like dental fillings aren’t leaking. You need strong and healthy gums when whitening your teeth because otherwise, the whitening gel could penetrate your gum tissue, so we will also look for any signs of gum disease. If you do have any dental problems, these must be treated beforehand to ensure you can whiten your teeth safely and comfortably.

In contrast, if you just whiten with over-the-counter products, there’s a risk you could have unwanted side-effects like pain or sensitivity, and these products could potentially damage your teeth and gums.

Ensuring You Whiten Your Teeth Evenly
Did you realize that teeth whitening treatments will not whiten any existing restorations? For example, if you have any porcelain crowns or veneers or white fillings, these will not change colour during your treatment. If these restorations currently match your natural tooth colour, there’s a real risk that you will end up with an unevenly whitened smile. When we assess your teeth, we can also check to see if you have any restorations and can advise you on the best way to proceed. Sometimes, if these restorations are ageing, it might be best to replace them entirely. Every restoration needs replacing occasionally, and as they begin to age, they can start to leak, potentially letting in disease-causing bacteria. Also, dental technology has improved considerably over the past few years, and the most modern porcelain restorations can look amazing, giving the appearance of your smile a real boost.

Whitening Your Teeth More Effectively
Dentists use premium strength products that are not available to the general public and which provide excellent results. Here at Margolian Dentistry, we use Philips Zoom whitening, and you may have heard of this system before. It’s used worldwide because it is effective, giving you a whiter smile with just a single in-office treatment. We can make sure you whiten comfortably as your lips and gums are protected before we paint your teeth with the whitening gel. Next, the gel is activated with a laser light which helps it to penetrate your tooth enamel more effectively and to remove deep-seated stains. If needed, the gel can be removed and reapplied several times. By the end of your treatment, your teeth should look several shades brighter.

Maintaining your Beautiful White Smile
To help you maintain your beautiful white smile, we can provide you with custom-made whitening kits here in Ajax. These are far more comfortable and much more effective than anything you can buy over the counter, and we can provide you with professional whitening gel that is safe for use at home. The whitening kits contain tooth-whitening trays which fit your teeth exactly. A professional teeth whitening treatment will give you the results you desire, and the peace of mind knowing your smile is healthy too.

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