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Making Sure Your Mouth is Extra Kissable

February is a month for cozying up to your loved one, so you want to make sure your mouth is kissable and fresh. Also, kissing can be good for you because your lips are far more sensitive than other parts of the body. When you kiss, your body releases specific chemicals that give you a natural high and which light up what is called the ‘pleasure centres’ in the brain.

Kissing Can Be Good for Dental Health
Even more importantly, from our point of view, kissing can be beneficial for dental health. This is because it stimulates saliva production and saliva helps to protect your oral health, washing away loose food particles, bacteria and old skin cells, keeping your mouth clean, fresh and more comfortable.

However, it is critical to ensure the person you are kissing shares the same level of excellent dental health! Kissing someone increases the risk of getting their mouth bacteria. If they have untreated dental diseases like tooth decay or gum disease in Oshawa, their mouth will have higher levels of the bacteria causing these conditions. Cavities can be contagious!

Banish Bad Breath
Mouth bacteria are largely responsible for bad breath, and these bacteria feast on leftover food on your teeth and gums. Ensure you stick to a regular routine of twice daily brushing and flossing once-a-day. Other measures that help include drinking plenty of water and chewing sugar-free gum to help stimulate saliva production.

You could also try using an antimicrobial mouthwash if you like. Look for something that is alcohol-free, and which will help to banish bacteria as some will only provide cosmetic effects. Ideally, choose dental products that have received the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval and which will do the job they promise. If you eat foods known to cause bad breath, such as onions or garlic, no amount of brushing or mouthwash will get rid of the smell as you will need to wait until these foods are eliminated from your body.

Be Possessive About Your Toothbrush
Sharing with your significant other is great but keep your toothbrush for your use alone. Sharing toothbrushes is an excellent way to share bacteria and especially as a damp toothbrush is the ideal breeding ground. After using your toothbrush, rinse it thoroughly and place in an upright position so it can dry more quickly. Make sure it isn’t touching anyone else’s!

Smoking Isn’t Attractive
You already know smoking isn’t attractive and it is terrible for your oral and general health. It greatly increases your risk of gum disease, not to mention oral cancer. If you smoke and want to give a non-smoking partner a great Valentine’s gift, resolve to quit and enjoy fresher breath, and probably a lot more money in your wallet. You could even treat yourself to a professional teeth whitening in Whitby as a reward.

Don’t Forget to See Your Dentist
February might be the month when we think more about how to look and feel more desirable, but a fresh, healthy mouth is attractive year-round. This is where Margolian Dentistry can help you! Regularly seeing your dentist in Ajax regularly is the easiest way to maintain a healthy mouth all the time and we can provide lots of useful advice on how best to look after your teeth in between appointments. Also, don’t forget to schedule regular dental cleanings with our hygienist. Having your teeth cleaned professionally is an excellent way to ensure your mouth is extra kissable, as removing all plaque and tartar will leave it feeling irresistibly fresh.

Has it been a while since you saw a dentist? Are you concerned your breath is less than appealing? Contact us today.

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