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Is It Time to Refresh Your Toothbrushing Techniques?

How much can you remember about brushing your teeth this morning? The chances are very little as most of us brush our teeth automatically, using techniques we probably learned as children. However, it could be that your toothbrushing techniques aren’t as effective as you imagine. Lots of people don’t brush their teeth thoroughly, leaving behind plaque and food debris, which can cause dental problems. Dental plaque contains bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease in Oshawa, and these bacteria feed off leftover food. Unless removed regularly, dental plaque soon hardens into calculus or tartar, a yellowish substance that is removed during your regular dental cleanings here at Margolian Dentistry.

While some people may not be brushing their teeth thoroughly enough, others are using too much force! Brushing your teeth too vigorously is also bad for dental health, wearing away your gums and tooth enamel. Listed below are a few easy tips to help you clean your teeth more effectively.

1.    Ensure You Brush for At Least Two Minutes
Two minutes might seem like a long time to spend brushing your teeth, but it’s necessary to clean them adequately. Otherwise, you will almost certainly leave some tooth surfaces uncleaned.

2.    Brush Systematically
Did you know that right-handed people may tend to brush the right-hand side of their mouth less effectively, while left-handed people tend to neglect the left-hand side of the mouth? Because it’s so easy to leave some tooth surfaces and brushed, it’s best to clean your teeth using a system. Imagine your mouth is split into four separate quarters. Plan to spend approximately 30 seconds cleaning each quarter.

3.    Choose a Good Toothbrush
When choosing your toothbrush, look for a brush with soft bristles of differing lengths. Softer bristles will clean your teeth more effectively and are much kinder for your teeth and gums. When a toothbrush has different length bristles, it can help you to clean your teeth more effectively, and especially around the gum line.

4.    Look after Your Toothbrush
Make sure no one uses your toothbrush but you because sharing a brush will transfer bacteria from one person’s mouth to another. After you have used your brush, rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry in an upright position where plenty of air can circulate around it. A damp brush is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, so the sooner it can dry the better.

5.    Change Your Toothbrush Frequently
It is a false economy to try to make an old toothbrush last longer as when the bristles become splayed it cannot clean your teeth effectively. Change your brush every three months or more frequently if it begins to look worn.

6.    It’s Your Choice If You Prefer to Use a Manual Brush or an Electric Toothbrush
Both will work equally as well, provided you have excellent brushing techniques. However, if you do find it difficult to hold a manual toothbrush or don’t have as much dexterity as you used to, an electric toothbrush could be easier to hold. Electric toothbrush handles are larger, and they do an excellent job of doing much of the work for you.

7.    Remember to Floss
Toothbrushing is only part of a regular oral care routine and its essential to floss every day. If you find flossing a chore, ask your hygienist in Ajax for help and advice.

There are lots of different methods of brushing teeth, and it can seem confusing, but remember your dentist can offer advice. However, if you have visited our dentist in Whitby recently and have received a clean bill of health and praise for your oral care routine, then stick with what you’re doing!

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