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Your Dental Health Affects Your Child’s Dental Health

As a parent, you want to make sure your child grows up with strong and healthy teeth, but did you realize your oral health can affect your kid? In fact, a child’s oral health is closely connected to their family’s dental health and oral hygiene. If you visit the dentist in Oshawa regularly and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine, it can greatly increase the chances that your child will grow up with excellent oral health. This can affect a young baby from age 6 months onward because when children are born, they don’t have lots of cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths.

Bacteria Can Be Transferred from Your Mouth to Your Child’s
Usually, healthy adults can have hundreds of different strains of bacteria in their mouth, and some can cause disease or tooth decay. Bacteria from your mouth are transferred every time you or another caregiver kiss your baby, share utensils with them or food, or if you lick a pacifier before giving it back to a child. Children are particularly susceptible to acquiring these decay-causing bacteria between age 6 months until approximately age 31 months. If your mouth is unhealthy, you will have higher levels of harmful bacteria to pass onto your child.

How Early Dental Visits Can Help
We suggest children first see a dentist in Ajax between one and two years of age, soon after they get their first few teeth. These initial dental visits are crucial and help to ‘set the stage’ for a lifetime of good oral health. In addition to checking your baby’s mouth, we can discuss all sorts of different things with you, including how to look after your child’s brand-new teeth and how other factors such as diet can make a difference to dental health. It is also your chance to ask questions about their oral health. By focusing on prevention and education, we can help your entire family to enjoy good oral health and don’t forget, your dental care is a significant part of this equation.

How to Make Sure You Enjoy Optimal Dental Health
Ideally, it is best to make sure you have excellent oral health before having a child, and especially for women as pregnancy can affect dental health. Otherwise, it is never too late to begin looking after your teeth and our dentist here at Margolian Dentistry can carefully check your oral health and will recommend a suitable ongoing preventative care plan.  Preventative dentistry is the very best way to maintain optimal oral health and will mean that your child grows up seeing their parent visiting the dentist regularly and will realize there is nothing to fear.

However, what can you do if you have deep-seated dental fears and phobias which have prevented you from seeing a dentist regularly? The answer is quite a lot, and this is another area where an excellent dentist in Whitby can assist you. Overcoming your fears is incredibly important, for yourself and for your child. If they realize you are fearful of visiting the dentist, you could well pass these fears on to them, even if you don’t mean to.

Ensuring You Don’t Pass on Dental Fears to Your Child
If you find it difficult to visit a dentist regularly, make sure your they are aware of these concerns when you schedule your appointment. A caring and compassionate dental office really can help you overcome these fears. They can work with you to discover the reason you feel this way, and to learn how best to help you. Don’t forget that sedation dentistry can be a useful tool if you do need treatment. Once you have great dental health, it is often easily maintained, so your entire family can visit the dentist without feeling fearful, and will enjoy all the benefits of excellent oral health.

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