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Why That Age One Dental Visit is Important

Margolian Dentistry is very much a family-oriented dental clinic, and we always go out of our way to look after little ones. The Canadian Dental Association recommends arranging that first dental visit within six months of your child’s first tooth emerging. We like to see children for their initial dental visit when their first few teeth are erupting and between age one and two years of age.

Why See a Dentist in Whitby so Early?
The idea is to prevent dental problems before they occur. By seeing your child while they are still very young, we can make sure any small problems are detected early. Also, it is a great way for a very young child to get accustomed to seeing the dentist regularly.

What Are the Advantages of Early Dental Care?
When you bring your child to see us, we can discuss their oral care routine at home, and you can find out if there is anything you can do to improve their dental care. Often, it can be beneficial to learn some new techniques about how to brush and floss a young child’s teeth, or which toothbrush and toothpaste are best to use.

As your child’s teeth develop, we may want to take x-rays periodically. There is no need to worry as we use the very latest digital x-ray technology that only produces a minimal level of radiation. Dental x-rays are useful because they show decay in between teeth and can show us the position of teeth still to erupt. This allows us to check the teeth are coming in the correct way
Our dental team works very hard to make sure every child has a positive experience during checkups. There are large screen TVs in each treatment room to keep them entertained, and we are extremely gentle when treating children. This positively reinforces the idea that dental visits are nothing to fear, and we hope little ones may even enjoy them!

Teaching Your Child How to Look after Their Teeth
As children grow up, they will want to begin brushing their teeth on their own. You will need to supervise them initially, but we can also help by teaching them the correct techniques for brushing and flossing in a way that is enjoyable and fun. It is crucial to look after baby teeth even though they will eventually be replaced with adult teeth. Some baby teeth will remain on your child’s mouth until age 12, helping them to chew food, to talk clearly, and retaining the correct amount of space for their adult teeth to erupt. If your child does have tooth decay, we will try hard to preserve the baby tooth until it is ready to fall out naturally.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth
Sometimes fluoride treatments can be very useful for protecting children’s teeth. The fluoride hardens the tooth enamel, increasing its resistance to tooth decay in Ajax. It is applied topically, so the fluoride is readily absorbed by the tooth enamel. Another potential treatment is dental sealants, which are applied once children have their permanent molars. Molar teeth have intricate grooves and fissures that can easily trap food and bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Dental sealants consist of a very thin, flowable layer of resin or plastic that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of molars. This creates a smooth surface that is easier to keep clean, and it doesn’t interfere with their bite.

Please don’t worry if your child is a bit older and has yet to see a dentist in Oshawa. Simply call us today to talk to our friendly dental team and arrange their first visit.

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