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Toothache, What Causes It and How It Is Treated

A toothache can be extremely unpleasant, and the tooth pain may be continual, sharp or throbbing. Sometimes a tooth might only hurt when you bite down on it. If you are unlucky to get a toothache, it is essential to think about seeing an emergency dentist in Whitby as soon as you can.

What Can Cause a Toothache?
A toothache can be caused if you have a crumbling or damaged filling that is letting in bacteria, resulting in an infected tooth. Untreated tooth decay has a similar effect. Sometimes a tooth can painfully fracture. Another reason is a tooth abscess, where the infection is deep inside the tooth and has spread to the tooth root. Clenching and grinding your teeth is a condition called bruxism and it’s frequently nocturnal. The pressure caused by bruxism can damage your teeth, causing them to ache, and you may well have facial pain or headaches too. Even something as simple as chewing gum too frequently can cause dental pain. Also, you may feel pain in or around the tooth if the gum is infected.

When to Get Treatment?
Ideally, get professional dental help and advice as soon as you can. There is usually a far greater chance of saving a painful tooth the sooner treatment is provided. Firstly, try flossing gently around the tooth just in case the tooth is slightly dislodged by impacted food. If this doesn’t help, contact us here at Margolian Dentistry. It is especially crucial to seek emergency dental care if your toothache has lasted more than one or two days, is severe, or is causing a fever, earache or facial swelling. By this stage, you will almost certainly want to get rid of the discomfort as soon as possible! We make every effort to see patients in pain as quickly as we can, preferably on the same day so we can help you feel more comfortable and can diagnose the problem. A quick and accurate diagnosis is critical to help prevent any dental infection that might be causing the pain from spreading to other parts of your face or even potentially entering your bloodstream.

How is the Problem Diagnosed?
Initially, we will conduct a dental examination and will ask you a few questions about the pain to discover when it began and if certain things make it feel better or worse. We might want to take dental x-rays so we can examine the problem tooth in greater detail.

What is the Treatment for a Toothache?
The treatment is dependent on the cause. If it is due to a cavity or a loose or crumbling filling, treatment might be as straightforward as filling the tooth, entirely sealing it so it feels more comfortable and cannot become infected. A deeper infection might need root canal treatment in Oshawa. Don’t worry as root canal therapy isn’t really any worse than having a filling! We will ensure you can’t feel a thing during treatment, and afterwards, your tooth should feel considerably more comfortable. Sometimes antibiotics might be necessary to help clear up the infection, and we can also use laser dentistry to disinfect the tooth and which helps to improve the likelihood that treatment will be a long-term success. Once root canal therapy is completed, the tooth is generally restored with a dental crown.

Preventing Toothache
Sometimes it isn’t possible to prevent toothache, for example, if you fracture a tooth. Other times, the risk of developing a toothache in Ajax can be significantly reduced by following a good oral hygiene regime. Don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with us too, so we can detect any minor problems, hopefully well before you feel any discomfort.

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